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Welcome to Møn! A small island with a unique nature, where white chalk cliffs on Møns Klint tower dramatically against the turquoise sea and where there are fantastic forests and beaches just around the next corner. It's all peppered with local farm shops and galleries, the cozy trading town of Stege and lots of charming accommodation.
Great nature experiences await when you come to Møn. With Møns Klint, Nyordog Dark Sky Park, as the absolute top attractions, Møns nature can impress the whole family. Here there is both space to enjoy the tranquility and to give it gas with wild outdoor activities.
Møns Klint is a very popular excursion destination and a national treasure of a very special nature, and it is easy to understand why. The beautiful white cliffs, which rise 128 meters above the turquoise-green sea along the seven kilometer long stretch of coast, are something very special.

For ca. 70 millioner år siden var der et tropisk hav med blandt andet blæksprutter, søpindsvin, muslinger og alger lige her, hvor Danmark ligger i dag.

Langsomt, gennem millioner af år, sank skeletterne fra disse mikroskopiske alger ned på havbunden og dannede det enorme lag af kridt, som store dele af Danmark hviler på i dag. Det er den samme kridt, som Møns Klint består af.  

Langs klintestranden kan du gå på fossiljagt og prøve at finde nogle af de 70 millioner år gamle forstenede rester af havdyr. Der er især god mulighed for at finde rester af søpindsvin og vættelys.

Du kan også besøge GeoCenter Møns Klint, som fortæller historien om det forunderlige liv, der er Møns Klints byggesten, livet med dinosaurerne og det enorme meteornedslag, der blev deres udryddelse. 


For approx. 70 million years ago there was a tropical sea with, among other things, squid, sea urchins, mussels and algae right here, where Denmark is today.


Slowly, over millions of years, the skeletons of these microscopic algae sank to the seabed and formed the huge layer of chalk on which large parts of Denmark rest today. It is the same chalk that Møns Klint consists of. ​


Along the rocky beach you can go fossil hunting and try to find some of the 70 million year old fossilized remains of marine animals. There is a particularly good chance of finding remains of sea urchins and fireflies.


You can also visit the GeoCenter Møns Klint, which tells the story of the wonderful life that is the building block of Møns Klint, life with the dinosaurs and the huge meteor impact that caused their extinction.

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