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Asmussen Hommage

23 July | 15:30

The end of this year's festival is in the company of three prize-winning jazz musicians from Denmark, Sweden and Norway and the violinist Niklas Walentin, who together perform music from their upcoming album: Asmussen Hommage.

The concert focuses on Asmussen's genius through 11 virtuoso solos written down by the Danish jazz legend.

It is extremely rare that jazz is written down, so this is a very special chance to experience the real Svend Asmussen, reinterpreted by the Danish violinist in a completely new ensemble with Snorre Kirk, Anders Fjeldsted and Calle Brickman.

Ellington/Asmussen: Don’t get around much anymore

Williams/Asmussen: Basin Street Blues Johann Sebastian


Bach (1685-1750)

Sonata for violin No. 1, g-moll, BWV 1001







Gershwin/Asmussen: Embraceable You


Gershwin/Asmussen: Fascinating Rhythm


Ellington/Asmussen: Sophisticated Lady


Gershwin/Asmussen: Someone to watch over me W. C.


Handy/Asmussen: Saint Louis Blues


Carmichael/Asmussen: The nearness of you


Niklas Walentin & Snorre Kirk Trio

Niklas Walentin is in concert with the Norwegian/Danish drummer and composer Snorre Kirk's trio, which has Swedish Calle Brickman on piano and Danish Anders Fjeldsted on bass.

The fixed constellation is created on the basis of the collaboration around the interpretation of Svend Asmussen's collection of virtuoso solos.

The ensemble's strong shared interests in each other's original genre, respectively classical and jazz, have paved the way for a forthcoming album to be recorded in September 2023 as well as other projects that experiment across genres.

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