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Dear young music and ballet talents - Dear young artists! 

Our vision at Møn Sommerkoncert is to work for the dissemination, understanding and enjoyment of the many genres that together make up what we know as 'classical music'. At our festival, We want to do this through our concert programs which present well-known works, alongside rediscoveries of forgotten compositions and premiers of new works that we commission. The best way however to how we can all help each other keep our music alive and young, is by all generations working together.

The experience of working with live movement and music goes both ways, and at Møn Sommerkoncert ballet is a completely natural way to visualize music in a virtuosic and innovative way.


Masterclass & Festival Ensemble is an intensive project during the Soundscape by Møn Sommerkoncert, which provides lessons in chamber music, as well as the opportunity for solo performance. The work in the Festival Ensemble during the course will also result in performance during the festival and will continue on tour with concerts throughout the year.

Maximum 10 participants are accepted with the following instruments:

  • ballet and contemporary dance

  • violin

  • viola 

  • cello

  • contrabass

  • flute

  • clarinet

  • bassoon

  • horn

  • oboe


Chamber music ensembles are also warmly invited to apply as an ensemble!​

Masterclass & Festival Ensemble

"unique conditions for its participants."

"Møn Sommerkoncert combines very high artistic standards with a familiar and supportive environment, creating unique conditions for its participants. Moreover, it offers a great source of inspiration by bringing together dance and music. I am very happy and grateful to have been part of this beautiful festival twice already.

Sebastian Pilz, cello (DE)


Møn 2.jpeg

Time and place

Masterclass & Festival Ensemble opens for arrivals, rehearsals and performances starting on 26 August. Rehearsals are held daily up to and including the first Festival Ensemble concert on 30 August, then again on 31 August with an accompanying concert in the evening. Departure is on 1 September.



We know how important it is to stand out with your own voice and present your own artistic ideas. Therefore, all instrumental and ballet participants are given the opportunity to perform solo during the festival or showcase themselves as an ensemble if coming as a preformed group, both instrumental and ballet participants at the concert titled 'Young Masters'.


Festival Ensemble

All participants take part in our Festival Ensemble, where professors and participants play together. During the festival, the Ensemble works on its own concert program consisting of major works from the chamber music literature. The works will be performed at the Festival. The Festival Ensemble also performs together with the dancers who receive lessons from our ballet tutor in Ballet, at the Gran Gala concert. The program for the Ensemble is determined and broadcast approx. 3 months before the concert and festival.



Chamber music is the essence of the Soundscape by Møn Sommerkoncert. Our masterclasses have an extremely dedicated focus on developing the interaction, communication and musicianship through the repertoire that is selected for the Festival Ensemble. In short, the Festival Ensemble and Masterclasses are two elements that go hand in hand to pass on experience and strength to a new and strong generation of chamber musicians.


On Tour

A new and important initiative at Soundscape are the concerts that Møn Sommerkoncert holds in collaboration with festivals and concert series in Denmark and abroad. As part of the Festival Ensemble, you have the chance to be selected to perform your repertoire you have worked with during your participation in our Masterclasses, and in some cases also with solo repertoire.


Requirements for the applicant:

  • A technical ability and artistic capacity corresponding to post conservatory level.

  • Previous experience with chamber music or working with live musicians

  • Interest in collaboration cross art forms and musical genres 

  • Within the age group 18 years to 30 years (In special cases, a dispensation for age can be granted)

  • Fluent English language abilities (All classes and activities will be held in English)

Price for participation: Euro 550 (includes teaching, accommodation and two meals)


Applications close after 15 January 2024.


We look forward to receiving your application and hearing you play/experience you dancing!


Alena & Niklas Walentin

Artistic Directors

Application form

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If applying as a chamber ensemble, please submit 2 to 3 recordings as an ensemble. Length and repertoire for videos are left to the applicant's free choice.

Thank you for your application!

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