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Nordic Tonality: lecture recital

28th August | 19.30

Soundscape by Møn Sommerkoncert has yet another exciting collaboration with the festival "Historiske Dage" in Copenhagen.

What is Nordic Tonality? What makes it unique? Where and when did music making start way up in the cold countries of the north? 

Dive into the rich history of the music in the nordic countries and discover what lies behind the sound of Scandinavia and our "Nordic Tonality".

*please note: the speech will be in Danish. To request an English translation for the event, please contact us.

Program will be announced soon.


Danish Chamber Players

Danish Chamber Playes (Ensemble Storstrøm in danish) was formed in 1991 and consists of 8 high- profile chamber musicians, 3 strings, 3 winds, piano and harp.

The ensemble's programming is wide-ranging and innovative, where alternative concert spaces and settings help convey the music to a diverse audience. Over the years, over 100 new works have been commissioned by the ensemble from the leading composers of the time, and thus Danish Chamber Players is helping to renew and update the classical repertoire.

Over 30 CD recordings and several annual radio transmissions in DR P2, as well as a large digital visibility, Danish Chamber Players as a significant cultural institution in Danish music life. With an active touring life, the Danish Chamber Players functions as a cultural ambassador for Danish chamber music and its region outside the country's borders 


Trio Vitruvi 2022 by Caroline Bittencourt 82.jpg
Niklas Walentin

Niklas Walentin has received more than 25 international music awards, is a three-time prize winner at the International Carl Nielsen competition in 2012, has released 6 albums and is the artistic director behind a number of festivals in Europe.


Niklas Walentin is also in international demand for his work as a teacher at masterclasses and his students regularly excel with critically acclaimed performances.​

Niklas is also a member of the award-winning ensemble Trio Vitruvi, which is the creator of the Reumert-winning 'Kammerballetten'.

In 2024, Niklas Walentin will publish his first jazz album, as well as the collected sonatas for violin and piano by Brahms for Naxos.

Mathias Hammer

Celebrated Radio and TV-host, Mathias Hammer is a household name in the classical music culture in Denmark.


Educated as pianist, he early on started working as a broadcaster and speaker for the classic music department at the National Danish Radio, and has ever since become synonymous with light and easy communication of the contemporary classical music scene.

He is famous for his own radio shows and for hosting the popular television show "musikquizen", where wellknown musicians compete in guessing works and composers from the classical music literature. 

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