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Tickets for Soundscape by Møn Sommerkoncert 2024 will officially open together with the presentation of the full program on the 1st of February. 

However, we have opened for an "early bird"- sale of tickets for our Gran Gala that presents ballet, opera and instrumental music.


Gran Gala
31st August 19:30

Soundscape by Møn Sommerkoncert presents a new, intense experience where instrumental music, dance and opera melt together in an explosive symbiose.

In a new venue in Stege, "Den Bøhmiske Hal", some of the greatest dancers in the World will perform highlights from the classic ballet repertoire as well as brand new choreographies created especially for Soundscape.

Artists of "Gran Gala" are amongst others: Iana Salenko and Kammertänzer Marian Walter, Danish star ballerina Ida Praetorius, opera singer Peter Lohdal and, of course, the Soundscape Festival Ensemble

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